Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Friends! For those whom don’t know, January 1st marks the anniversary of Haiti’s independence from France. Here is cute, quick piece from NPR about soup joumou*, the official dish of Haiti’s independence.

*The picture below is misleading, by the way. This dish can not be eaten in cute covered terrines and doesn’t include perfectly cubed potatoes as pictured. Jalapenos are not the preferred pepper of Haitians. It’s scotch bonnet (a difference of about 300,000 units on the Scolville scale.). That’s the difference between a polite wave from a stranger across the room and a bottle of Maker’s with a dear friend. There are no cloves in this picture which is also essential. What’s worse is that you can’t see the chunks of beef which is crucial to soup joumou. The pot I made on New Year’s had beef neck bones so, you see, this is not a cutesy polite dish.

I remember my dad using the empty plastic sherbet buckets. You know, the ones with the handles. It saved him the trips for seconds and thirds.

It’s super easy to make. Recipe to follow.




I’ve gotten the nicest compliments on my griot at the last GreyDC market.
Here’s a shot of a piece of griot pre-market – out of the marinade but before the final cook.
I look at this little sweet piece of pork and I know there is a god.
Let the choir say, AMEN!


DC IMPACT’s Dance with Haiti

Haitian Cultural Celebration as Co2 Bambu Expands Into Haiti

Agora Dcimpact presents a celebration of Haitian culture complete with live performers, perspectives from the field, and a compelling panel discussion touching on the role of social entrepreneurship in Haiti’s rebirth.

THE WHEN: Thursday, October 18th 7:00 – 9:00 PM

THE WHERE: The Fridge Rear Alley Entrance 516 1/2 8th Street, SE Washington, DC

Caribbean Food and Drink
Cultural Performers
Panel Discussion with Local Thought Leaders

THE WHY: All proceeds support DCIMPACT’s goal of raising $10k to accelerate the efforts of Agora Partnerships and Nicaraguan-based impact company, Co2 Bambu.

“390,276 people still living in the precarious settlements that were erected in the aftermath of the earthquake”

– Fox News, June 26, 2012

For more information, visit: http://thefridgedc.com/component/content/article/19-upcoming-events/164-dcimpact.html

Pates, Griot and Djon Djon Sold Out!

everything was delicious!

even bill agrees..


thanks to everyone that came out~

My Queendom For A Sheeter!


I am floating in a sea of dough. When I say that the pate is handmade, please believe me. I start off with a heap of flour and just go from there. No shortcuts are taken!
Every time I have a large order of pate to make, I inevitably find my way to my computer and google “dough sheeter”. The search results are as numerous as the dollars on the asking price. I then immediately go back to rolling, batch by batch, realizing I wasted 30 valuable minutes.
A girl can dream though…



I’m obsessed with cooking. Practicing and preparing food for events is the perfect opportunity to test, re-test and sometimes reconfigure recipes to introduce to you. My latest obsession is griot – a sweet and sour braised (and sometimes, fried) pork dish seasoned with citrus juices, spices and hot pepper. For as long as I can remember though, I’ve wondered how griot got its name.

Long before my introduction to African history, griot to me, was the dish of quiet Sunday dinners and big, loud, boozy Haitian weddings – uncles and aunts dancing close to zouk, the smell of scented rice and beans in the air and cousins sneaking sips of rhum from the unattended glasses of elders.

Historically-speaking, griots are the poets, musicians, storytellers and historians of West Africa cultures. For centuries, griots have been the curators of African oral history. And, while the historical connection of Haiti and Africa are obvious, it wasn’t  until I came across the following did the griot connection make sense.

“There are a lot of flavors going on in the meal. Like the African minstrels of its namesake, griot is a storyteller. It sings a harmony of dissonant notes: the pungent head of the jalapeños, the sour and sweet penetrating acidity of the citrus, the richness of the pork and its satisfying brown coat.”  – Ari Le Vaux

So perfectly put!

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Bon Bagay at GreyDC October 7th!

Good Things at GreyDC October 7th!

Mezanmi! will be at it again October 7 at the next Grey DC where we’ll be selling our homemade pates – beef, chicken and salted codfish (morue), piklez, Caribbean sodas as well as griot and du riz djon djon. The location is the same place as the May event. Here’s the details:

Location: ECAC, Euclid and Georgia Ave, NW, outside
733 Euclid St. NW Washington, DC 20001
Time: 12-4 October 7th
Doors open at 12pm.

Again, thank you guys for all your support. Even while planning for this event, more opportunities are coming our way!

We’ll see you October 7th!

“Kote y’ap plimen kòdenn, poul pa ri.”
Where they pluck turkeys, chickens do not laugh. (Haitian Proverb)


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Mezanmi Goes Global! =)

Atlas Corps Class 10 Celebration

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EDT)

Hillyer Art Space
9 Hillyer Court NW, WDC 20008 (on 21st St NW, between Q and R)

mezanmi’s at it again. this time we’re working with the good folks at atlas corp in providing a global food tour to its 10 class of fellows they’ve engaged in six years.

we’ll be cooking up our famous pâté chaud, piklez and accra w/ avocado – mango salsa at the lovely hillyer art space in dc. for more information, see: http://atlascorpsclass10.eventbrite.com/.

see you there!

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Mezanmi & A Taste of Haiti

Things have been pretty quiet on the site but we’re working hard in the background.

Mezanmi! was asked to participate in A Taste of Haiti, a benefit to raise awareness on the work Roots of Development does in Haiti. All proceeds will benefit their partners and projects in Haiti.

We’ve teamed up with my girl, Pascale  – fellow haitienne and gastronomista.

Lots of pictures to follow!

Wish us luck!



And We’re Off….

AGAIN!!! We’ll be setting up a Mezanmi stand on a street corner near you and peddling the finest pâté chaud. We only had a few days notice on this event but we’ll be there and ready!

This time we’ll be at the DC Marketplace Farmer’s Market located at 2221 14th Street at the corner of 14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW! Saturday, June 2 from 10 am-4pm.

The weather’s going to be beautiful – 82 degrees and sunny!! See you there!

Come! Let us feed you!!!