I’ve gotten the nicest compliments on my griot at the last GreyDC market.
Here’s a shot of a piece of griot pre-market – out of the marinade but before the final cook.
I look at this little sweet piece of pork and I know there is a god.
Let the choir say, AMEN!


My Queendom For A Sheeter!


I am floating in a sea of dough. When I say that the pate is handmade, please believe me. I start off with a heap of flour and just go from there. No shortcuts are taken!
Every time I have a large order of pate to make, I inevitably find my way to my computer and google “dough sheeter”. The search results are as numerous as the dollars on the asking price. I then immediately go back to rolling, batch by batch, realizing I wasted 30 valuable minutes.
A girl can dream though…