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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Friends! For those whom don’t know, January 1st marks the anniversary of Haiti’s independence from France. Here is cute, quick piece from NPR about soup joumou*, the official dish of Haiti’s independence.

*The picture below is misleading, by the way. This dish can not be eaten in cute covered terrines and doesn’t include perfectly cubed potatoes as pictured. Jalapenos are not the preferred pepper of Haitians. It’s scotch bonnet (a difference of about 300,000 units on the Scolville scale.). That’s the difference between a polite wave from a stranger across the room and a bottle of Maker’s with a dear friend. There are no cloves in this picture which is also essential. What’s worse is that you can’t see the chunks of beef which is crucial to soup joumou. The pot I made on New Year’s had beef neck bones so, you see, this is not a cutesy polite dish.

I remember my dad using the empty plastic sherbet buckets. You know, the ones with the handles. It saved him the trips for seconds and thirds.

It’s super easy to make. Recipe to follow.